I Do Recall..

A Complete Course on All Things "COME"


I Do Recall

This online course includes foundation work to get you starated on training your dog the critical skills of a solid recall. It then takes you through the proofing stage where you play a variety of recall games to build value and good habits. Recalls become a fun game that is reinforcing for your dog - where there is value, your dog will choose it over other things. Next, you are take through various strategies to teach your dog how to work through distractions and still choose you. And finally, there is a bonus material page that teaches you complimentary lessons and supporting games for all types of recalls. Yes, you will be teaching varing types of recalls, from formal to informal, proximity or control. This is an amazing training course that will last a lifetime.

What is Included:

  • Knowledge Is Power - all sorts of raining tips and knowledge so you better understand how your dog learns and how to promote a reliable recall.
  • A Solid Foundation - 10 training videos that teach a solid foundation on which you will build skills. All the lessons are sequenced to build the individual behaviors required for the chain of a recall. Yes, recalls are a network of behaviors that all have to be put together correctly in order to be reliable. These lessons work for dogs of any breed and any age. Forms of recall include both informal (responses for proximity) and formal responses for control) renditions.
  • Taking It Outside- 8 training videos that take your solid foundation outside and create great habits right from the start. Through the calculated sequencing of lessons, prevention, and safeguards, your dog learns that you are where the party is and nothing else compares.
  • Games for Proofing - numerous conceptual training games that all reinforce recalls. Build the fun and value in coming to you through daily games, honing skills, and reiterating how wonderful it is to come to you. These relationship builders and skill perfecting training games will be a part of your daily fun an paly with your dog to reinforce good habits and mke your the best thing ever!.
  • Dealing With Distractions - the toughest part about recalls is teaching your dog to turn away from distractions and choose you. Learn various ways to teach your dog how to make the right choice - choosing you over other things in the environment. Instead of going to see that person over there, come back to me. Don’t go after the bunny, return to me. These lessons help dogs learn how to disengage from a distraction and make the better choice - you!
  • Bonus Material - a page full of added material that all reinforces teaching reliable recalls. Videos will be added as new games are developed. The videos are created to answer popular questions and struggles that every dog owner faces in the life of raising a dog.