Just Home: Building the Relationship and Teaching the Foundation


There is much to cover in raising a new little puppy. It is not just about teaching cues. Cues are just the tip of the iceberg! Let me help you and get you on the right track to raising a happy and well balanced dog.

Level 1 - Package Details

This remote training package includes foundation work to get you started on training your puppy, newly adopted dog, or existing dog that needs to learn the basics. Your do gets to learn in an optimum learning environment, your home where there are little to no distractions. Build a bond and working relationship right from the start, or improve upon what you have. Teach proper behavior and set the stage for further learning.

For new puppy owners, this is a crucial time for socialization* and training. Management strategies until proper behavior and choices have be established is cirtical to success. You will get information on all the puppy topics, and learn skills in using your management tools to support your efforts in teaching your puppy proper behavior and manners.

The package is divided into weekly assignments with topics, skills, cues, and games for each week so you have direction in how to proceed, but you are also welcome to skip around to address your specific needs and priorities. It is designed to be completed in 4-6 weeks, but you can go at your own pace and the pace of your puppy.

  • Topics: Shopping List, Food Safety, Chew/Play/Training Toys, Using Markers, Socialization, Calming Stratgies, Relationship, How Training Games Work, Grooming, and Handling, Separation, and Puppies.
  • Socialization Games: buiild a confident, optimistic, focused, and calm dog that can handle new situations
  • Obedience: Foundation Skills (4), Foundation Cues (7 - Name, Sit, Down, Come, Touch, Look, Drop), Foundations of Movement (3) and Walking on Leash (3)
  • Concepts: relationship, focus, calmness, confidence, impulse control, recall, walking with manners, tolerance of frustration, optimism, and much more!
  • Games (25+): conceptual learning through capturing and play to teach your dog good default behaviors and self-managing decisions. These games build the concepts listed above in your dog to help shape their brain and raise a well rounded dog. Teaching behavior and coping strategies through fun games and play is a far more powerful method of learning, and teaches life skills that transfer to real life. This is play with a purpose!

You get over 50 videos for training your dog! Plus PDF handouts and a wealth of knowledge to get you and your puppy started off on the right foot (and paw)!

All cues and games are taught with the theory of positive reward-based training. No leash pops or hard corrections. Your puppy will learn both verbal and visual cues as well as behavior both on leash and off leash.

*Proper socialization is crucial for healthy development. Taking a puppy class is a good additional option to socialize your puppy as well as practice your cues and games in a public setting.

Remote Training Level 1 Package Pricing:

  • Level 1 Training Online (a la carte/independent study): $155.00. This option gives you access to all the training material, explanations, PDF downloads of instructions, and videos.
  • Single consults may be purchased at any time at a rate of $50 per hour. You can contact me at to schedule a single consult. Once a day and time has been set, you will be sent an invoice. Payment must be recieved 24 hours before the scheduled consult time.
  • Access to the training site is two years. After the two years, to maintain access, there is a $50.00 annual fee.

Once an option is purchased and services/digital goods are provided, there are no refunds. Add-ons for access to higher levels of remote training can be purchased. There will be a $15.00 set up fee. Make sure to choose the training level and number of consults you want from the beginning and save!

If you are the owner or future owner of a Desert Willow Aussie puppy or dog, please contact me and ask me about the DWA family discount pricing! Email or call 925-699-4410.


Watch my sample video on how to teach a puppy to sit on cue, both verbally and with hand signals. Also understand how to progress through the various learning stages so that your puppy will learn to perform the behavior in any environment.

Be sure to look through all the different levesl and sign up for all you want now and save with a training package! Add-ons and upgrades are available (additional set-up fees will apply).

Level 2 - Training the Family Dog

For other remote training packages, check out Level 2 and Level 3, with more cues and games to keep the momentum of fun-filled training going!

You can add-on and upgrade additional training levels, but sign up for all you want now and save!!


Level 3 - Working with the Ultimate Companion