Training The Family Dog


We don't truly realize how much we expect from our family dog until we break things down into smaller objectives. Then we truly recognize the true extent of what our dog has to learn. This package pinpoints key behaviors and strategies in order for your dog to be a well-mannered member of the family.

Level 2 - Package Details

This remote training package includes everything in the Level 1 package - the foundation work to get you started on training the basics. This includes all the puppy topics, management strategies to support your efforts in teaching your puppy proper behavior and manners, and all the cues and conceptual games. Additionally, you get more cues to work through manners and more games to build a higher level of concptual learning and default behavior. A well-mannered family dog makes good decisions. That is what this package is about!

  • Topics: Topics covered include Barking, Digging, Counter Surfing, Jumping, Arousal, Value, more on Calmness (continued from Level 1), and more!
  • Obedience: Complex Cues (12), including recall (and more with Come), Walking with Manners including loose leash walking, and impulse control cues including Leave It, Wait and Premack.
  • Concepts - Building value in proximity, orientation, recall, relationship, focus, calmness, loose leash walking, confidence, impulse control, flexibility, tolerance of frustration, patience, and much more!
  • Boundary Traning - the ultimate strategy for supporting recall, calmness, impuse control, and appropriate manners! You get the 5 foundation games for this amazing training course.
  • Games (20+ New Games) - Games for conceptual learning through play to teach good default behaviors and self-managing decisions (super fun games that teach concepts and reinforce cues, good behavior and appropriate decisions).

You getover 30 videos for training your dog! Plus handouts and a wealth of knowledge to provide you with a strong training background for your family dog!

All cues and games are taught with the theory of reward-based training. No leash pops or hard corrections. Your puppy will learn both verbal and visual cues as well as behavior both on leash and off leash.

*Proper socialization is crucial for healthy development. Taking a puppy class is a good additional option to socialize your puppy as well as practice your cues and games in public places.

Remote Training Level 2 Package Pricing:

  • Level 2 only (a la carte): $189.00
  • Levels 1 and 2 Full Package Remote Training Online: $275.00. This option gives you access to Levels 1 and 2, all the training material, explanations, PDF downloads of instructions, and videos. That’s a 20% discount!
  • Single consults may be purchased at any time at a rate of $50 per hour. You can contact me at to schedule a single consult. Once a day and time has been set, you will be sent an invoice. Payment must be recieved 24 hours before the scheduled consult time.
  • Access to the training site is two years. After the two years, to maintain access, there is a $50.00 annual fee.

Once an option is purchased and services/digital goods are provided, there are no refunds. Add-ons for access to higher levels of remote training can be added on. There will be a $15.00 set up fee. Make sure to choose the training level and number of consults you want from the beginning and save!

If you are the owner or future owner of a Desert Willow Aussie puppy or dog, please contact me and ask me about the DWA family discount pricing! Email or call 925-699-4410.

Family dogs show calmness and good decision making around daily family events. This includes meal times, thresholds, childrenand other family dogs. It also includes basic outdoor situations that a family will participate in from walks, to dining outside and attending sporting events. You will learn how to teach your dog how to behave calmly and appropriately for a variety of situations.

Level 1 - Building the Relationship and Teaching the Foundation

For other remote training packages, check out Level 1 and Level 3, for different training alternatives to suit your needs and your training goals!

You can add-on and upgrade to another level, but sign up for all you want now and save!!


Level 3 - Working with the Ultimate Companion