Trick Training

Brain Game Fun!


Trick Training Course 1

Trick training is a fun activity to do with your dog at any stage of life. It creates intellectual challenges to burn mental energy, teaches your dog to be flexible, and promotes body fitness through proper positioning and conditioning. Plus, it's a great activity to engage in during days of inclimate weather and having to spend more time inside than outside.

You can even earn titles through the AKC!

This course teaches tricks without the need for extra equipment. Tricks in this course cover tricks for the Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of the AKC Trick Dog Titles:

  • Shake
  • High Five
  • Speak/Quiet
  • Touch
  • Spin (circle left and right)
  • Wave
  • Leg Weaves
  • Paws On (and super fun games)
  • Take a Bow
  • Sit Pretty
  • Roll Over
  • Wrapping Games (right/left)
  • Bang! You're Dead! (Play Dead)
  • Back Up

Get strated on brain games and some amazing fun with your dog!


Get started on some brain games and teach your dog fun tricks. Learn over a dozen tricks in the novice, intermediate, and advanced levels as designated in the AKC Trick Dog titles. Each trick is lured, shaped, and positively reinforced with fun in mind. Teach tricks correctly for your dog’s body type and understand the importance of fitness, proper positioning, and core strength to promote good body health and safety.

20 Lessons