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Limitless Pawsibilities

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Limitless Pawsibilities strives to support dog owners in having a beautiful and healthy relationship with their dog. That takes understanding, communication, positive training methods, and effective management strategies. The human-canine relationship is unique and develops through engagement, respect, and trust. Our dogs are our companions, our family, and our best friends. For that reason, my training methods focus primarily on positive reinforcement and reward-based techniques that have been scientifically proven to be effective.

Training should be fun, for it is the fun and joy that builds the relationship the most. So my methods in balancing obedience on cue, and teaching good choices and default decisions throughplay make training fun for both human and dog. The meshing of these methods achieves excellent results.

I offer personalized dog training services in private settings. I also provide lessons specifically designed to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen tests and have testing available by appointment. I also have extensive and comprehensive online training courses you can do in the comfort of your own home. These courses come with descriptions, in-depth training videos (using puppies and dogs that do not already know the cue or behavior), and printable pdfs. Remote training course packages can be personalized with private consults to support you and your dog’s specific needs.

I also have a training tips section called Wigglebutt Wisdom, which includes articles on popular dog topics, behavior, and training. My promise is to bring accurate information, support, and heartwarming and inspirational stories to my fellow dog families.

My website is always a work in progress, just like training is with our dogs. So be sure to come back from time to time. I add new articles, fun facts, and training tips, as well as interesting and informative dog topics to the blog periodically. You can also follow me on Facebook. You will find links to new studies and information, videos, as well as fun doggie stuff. Thanks for visiting!


I am building a library of online courses. These courses work through a specific curriculum with written instructions and training videos to walk you through each step. Check out my Online Courses page to see my growing selection of programs.


Personalized training at home or at a specified location. Ideal for teaching complex cues, working through problem behavior, and for help after bringing home a new puppy.


Get one-on-one coaching for all the test points on the Canine Good Citizen tests. A great option to get yourself ready for the actual test. Testingis by appointment when you are ready.


Puppy board and trains, board and train for service dog training, and private lessons for training your own ESA or Service Dog. Click Learn More for details and to check my availability.