Remote Training Dog/Puppy Packages

This amazing puppy training and dog training program is the answer to those who have busy schedules, live far away from puppy classes and want a more comprehensive learning experience than what group classes can offoer, or love to work independently at thier own pace. Once an exclusive course only offered to my Aussie family, I am now opening it up so others can benefit from the in-depth and detailed curriculum. Detailed instructional videos, written instructions, and in-person private phone/video consults to personalize and cater the program specifically for you are included in the various options you have with the courses. Plus, you get life-time accessibility!

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All things puppy!


Relationship and Foundation


Training the Family Dog


Working with the Ultimate Companion



Trick Training Course 1

Price: $48.50

Trick training is a fun activity to do with your dog at any stage of life. It creates intellectual challenges to burn mental energy, teaches your dog to be flexible, and promotes body fitness through proper positioning and conditioning. Plus, it's a great activity to engage in during days of inclimate weather and having to spend more time inside than outside.

You can even earn titles through the AKC!

This course teaches tricks without the need for extra equipment. Tricks in this course cover tricks for the Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of the AKC Trick Dog Titles:

  • Shake
  • High Five
  • Speak/Quiet
  • Touch
  • Spin (circle left and right)
  • Wave
  • Leg Weaves
  • Paws On (and super fun games)
  • Take a Bow
  • Sit Pretty
  • Roll Over
  • Wrapping Games (right/left)
  • Bang! You're Dead! (Play Dead)
  • Back Up

I am offering special pricing until the last trick video is uploaded. But this offer won't last long!


Boundary Training Course

Price: $89.50

A very important aspect of developing a balance between calm and energy (an on/off switch) is training your dog to go to a boundary. To train with reliabiity, this course will utilize games to teach your dog to go to and stay in a designated area until released. This could be a mat, a crate, a dog bed, a tent, a platform – you name it! Boundary training has so many benefits and applications for real-life situations:

  • They promote and develop calmness
  • They promote and develop impulse control (self-control)
  • They can decrease arousal and promote calmness
  • They can increase arousal and boost motivation(yes they can do both!)
  • They support the vital concepts of confidence, focus, and calmness
  • They assist and can be a recall option
  • They teach good manners and default behaviors
  • They are a soultion to preventing or working through certain problem behaviors
  • It's a safe place for a timid or fearful dog to go to
  • They are an excellent management and sanity-saving strategy for multi-dog households
  • They clarify and clean up your training sessions

So what do boundary games consist of and what is the criteria included in the course? To your dog, boundary games teach:

  • You go in this area on cue
  • You stay in this area and are calm
  • You do not leave this area until you hear your release cue
  • Your release cue means leave the area and interact with me or something I direct you to

Seems simple right? These games not only become a crucial management process for any dog, including high-drive dogs, but they also train essential life skills called concepts! Here are a few that playing these simple games can convey:

  • When the dog goes to a boundary, the default behavior is to be calm
  • The dog switches off (lower arousal) and then switches back on (higher arousal) only if or when you signal
  • Some areas and distractions are sometimes out of bounds and that’s a good thing
  • Your release cue means your dog can go interact with something fun - and that fun thing is YOU most of the time or something else you designate
  • Your dog learns good impulse control and good manners for a variety of situations, from home visitors, to meal times, work at home, etc.
  • There may be things going on around your dog, something that will be exciting, but your dog learns to remain calm and in control, staying in a calm place and head-space until you are ready for your dog to join you

Training the simple rules of the game to your dog, you convey numerous messages that, with a little help, can be generalized to a variety ofsituations, which is really cool!

You will get 24 different games to teach reliable boundaries: inside and outside, multi-dog strategies, working through distractions and arousal levels, and some super entertaining games to play with your dog to boost your value and relationship. You and your dog are going to love what you will accomplish with this course. And as an added bonus, you will receive a free phone/video consultation to help you with your training as added support.

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Boundary Training Series $89.50