Private Lessons for Self-Training SD and ESA

I offer private training for those locally that want to take the responsibility of training their Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal. Self-training is a more viable option for many, rather than obtaining a dog through an agency. But with self-training comes a huge responsibility. You and your dog represent all who wish to self-train. You are an ambassador, and for this option to be able to continue, you must be ready to invest the time and dedication it takes to train properly.

That is also where Icome in. There will be a temperament evaluation to make sure that your dog is the right candidate (for new canine candidates) for service work or ESA. We will then work together to teach your dog proper public behavior, train necessary tasks, and build a formal training resume.* You are a team, and I help you to be the best team you can be. You will also learn the rules for owning a Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal. Part of this program is that you will train for the CGC certifications and the Public Access Test. Actual testing is recommended but not required.

These lessons can be for a new service dog candidate, or for an existing Service Dog needing to work through new tasks or more training. Cost for the training will depend on what you need to work on and how many lessons you will need. Testing fees for CGC tests will apply. We will work in real-life settings and situations that pertain to your life with your canine teammate.

*Although the ADA does not require proof of formal training for service dogs, it is a good idea to build a valuable training resume for self-trained dogs, just in case.