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Training remotely with me will be different than going to a class because you won't just be learning cues. My training philosophy is a "whole dog" approach. It focuses on the behavioral understanding of a dog and encompassing both cues and conceptual learning. The remote training is an educational package for you and your dog. You learn to shape your dog's brain through concepts: confidence, calmness, focus, and impulse control. These, in turn, support your efforts in walking nicely on leash and recalls and builds amazing reliability in behavioral responses. Simultaneously, you build a great relationship and a strong bond with your dog. You will better understand how your dog learns, have the tools you need to guide your dog towards good manners, and have a happy and loving companion. This program has been evolving since 2011, when Theresa and I talked about the idea and ran with it, and it has become the all-encompassing, in-depth program it is today. And it will continue to evolve as new information, techniques, ideas, and opportunities arise. I also cover popular puppy/dog topics and address family situations like children, multi-dog households, and more.

Training is a process. Too many videos on YouTube show dogs that already know how to perform the behavior being taught. Some utilize old, out-of-date (or punitive leash jerks and pulls) techniques. That doesn't provide long-lasting results on and off-leash and doesn't contribute positively to the relationship. I use positive reinforcement and fun and effective techniques so that learning is enjoyable and rewarding. You get thorough training materials and videos with step-by-step instructions. I work with dogs that don't know the behavior yet, so you see raw behavior and the whole process of learning in action to better assist you in knowing how to teach your dog.

You not only get training videos for cues but you also get games! Super fun games that you can play with your dog. Play is the best way to learn, and these games are designed to last a lifetime with your dog! Through games, you will be supporting the behaviors needed for reliable cues. You are teaching and simultaneously building the concepts of targeted default behavior for good manners and impulse control, too. All members of the family can play these games. Play with purpose!

Teaching your dog behaviors on cue is useful, but you don't want to have to cue your dog through life. Default behaviors, where your dog automatically chooses the right response without being cued, are vital to learning and having a well-mannered and a great family dog. That is my style of training. Training is about you and your dog and you both bonding and enjoying your time together. It's about what you want. And it is my job to give you the tools to get you there. That is the goal when we go through the training together. And the remote training program, with its exceptional attention to detail and comprehensive lesson plan, is just the program to get you there.


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LEVEL 1 - Just Home: Building the Relationship and Teaching the Foundation

LEVEL 2 - Training the Family Dog

LEVEL 3 - Working with the Ultimate Companion


All things puppy!


Teaching a dog to go to a spot and stay there - building the reliability and defaulting to calmness.



Remote training is an excellent option for people who have busy or random work schedules. It is also great for those who like to work more independently or who live far away from places that offer classes. It provides an optimum learning environment for your puppy, your home, limiting distractions that take away your puppy's focus and attention from you. It is convenient, for you can work on the cues and games at your pace and not have to set aside a considerable chunk of time to learn like in a class situation. Plus, you can start right away and not have to wait for a class series schedule that works for you. And you have lifetime access to the materials and videos to use as a reference whenever you need them!

Look over the packages and decide which one you would like. Each level is set up to be developmentally appropriate for growing puppies. Yet, any dog of any age can work through and learn the games and cues, which are all essential for a well-rounded training program. I have divided the program into three different levels. Deciding which level you want is going to depend on what your training goals are with your dog. It is a very comprehensive program! It goes in-depth much more than just teaching cues. Cues are behavior when you require it. Games teach behavior on default, so your dog learns to make the right choices and appropriate responses automatically. That is much more powerful than cues alone.

Each level has different options. They include links to all the detailed training videos, a description of the cue or game,and a downloadable PDF of written instructions on how to teach your dog the cue or play the game. Additional support through email and phone consults are available through the various options. Phone call consults enable you to talk directly to me and ask questions about behavior, management strategies, and troubleshooting. I help you figure out how to handle things that pertain to your particular situation. Email and phone consult options require a signed contract before starting the program.

You can "upgrade" to another level if you want to continue with further training. There will be a $20.00 set-up and transaction fee included in the upgrade price. The flexibility of remote training makes it perfect for any lifestyle!