Our Partnership

Limitless Pawsibilities and Desert Willow Aussies


When Theresa and I first met, I was searching for another Aussie after the loss of our first girl. She and I spoke for hours, interviewing each other, and it was like talking with an old friend. We meshed on so many levels: a passion for dogs and the Australian Shepherd breed, promoting good health and breeding practices, advocating education and the importance of training to bring out the best in our dogs, and taking a more holistic approach to raising our pets. We knew right away that we were more than just a breeder and a buyer. We were family and now business partners. I am pleased to be on-board with Theresa and to be a part of her amazing extended DWA family across the country.

Theresa isunique among breeders. Her breeding practices focus on health andtemperament. Theresa is also a match-maker, and pairs families with the right personality of each puppy. She doesn’t just breed Aussies. She creates a community and family. She is the “mama-dog” for all of us. She is there, supporting us through life with our dogs.

I feel honored to be a part of her team and to offer training to families in this group. My goal is giving them the tools to continue with a great start in life with their beautiful puppy. I love helping puppy parents build a fabulous relationship and train an amazing, stunning, and smart puppy to become an excellent member of the family.

“ Our in-house personal dog trainer, Julee Samuli, actually “holds the hands and hearts” of so many of our puppy parents. With years of experience she is on-board and already helping many puppy parents with early training issues both in person and by phone and email. She works with our dogs and puppy parents across the USA designing personal plans to assist in settling puppies into new homes and helping with specific training issues that occur (covering every aspect or challenge in raising our Aussies into adulthood). I’ve not worked with anyone like her!”

Theresa Gorduyn

Desert Willow Aussies