Hi Julee,

I wanted to write and give you a huge thank you! Kevin and I had our parents over last night for the first time since training with you, and the dogs have never been too fond Kevin's parents, or house guests in general, so I was a little nervous... but we did everything you taught us - and I must say, the girls (and the people) were SO good!!

We were able to leave them out of the pen all evening once they calmed down- there was not a single bark or growl, and both girls were so relaxed (no treats required)!! Lucy was downright friendly, and Leah was so calm, even as guests were standing or moving about - she slept, she ate, she milled about. We gave her tons of praise for her calm behavior and it was so refreshing to have calm interactive dogs for the first time ever!! We were more relaxed because we knew what to doand what would happen and why, and Leah was more relaxed because we've reinforced that feeling, which made Lucy more relaxed and friendly because she wasn't worried about her sister. My mom even complimented our "parenting" skills Lol.

Here is a picture taken at the end of the evening (which only spanned a few short hours mind you!) with Lucy actually cuddling with Kevin's dad, and Leah relaxed on the pillows in between, a sight I never thought I'd see!

Thank thank thank you thank you! We've always wished other people could see the sweet side of our girls that we see everyday, and you taught us how to achieve that!


Jennifer & Kevin & Leah & Lucy

Dear Julee Samuli,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for giving us a new dog.  Gracie was down right annoying and obnoxious, and you helped her be herself. She used to guard the window and bark at everyone who walked by. She used to assault any guests that came over. She used to steal food and think that she was in charge. Now she is so much better behaved. When people come over, I can say "All done!" and she stops barking and goes to her bed. When she barks at people walking by our house, I say "all done!" and she goes to her bed. She is much more relaxed because you trained us to train her.  Our friends have come over and noticed a huge difference in Gracie. We always tell them that it is because of you, and how you trained us how to train her. I am so grateful that you came over and worked with us sothat we could enjoy living with Gracie. 



We had heard of Julee's training practice from a friend who trained his Aussie with Julee. We hoped that she would agree to coach us over the phone from more than 1500 miles away. And she agreed to. Speaking with her every week was intensely useful. She walked us through stages of Finn's growth and development, sending excellent reading materials and links to videos, and in our weekly conversation we raised questions while she probed for information about Finn's responsiveness and behavior. What matters of course is results. And they have been great. Finn is attentive, loyal, well behaved, and gobs of fun. It's so true that Aussies need training, activity, and tasks - and without Julee's help we would have floundered through books that never provided nearly the value of Julee's guidance and assistance. We will keep working with Julee as Finn continues to grow, and we are grateful for the help Julee has provided getting him on track for a fun, rewarding adulthood!

Ned Farquhar and Janis Finelli, Waitsfield, VT

In my house, we call Julee the Dog Whisperer. Molly, who is the love of our lives, had the most annoying habit of jumping on people when they came through the door. If you reached down to either push her away or to pet her, she would pee excitedly. Oh no! I became tired of opening the door a crack and telling my guests to “please, please, turn your back if she jumps on you and whatever you do – DON’T TOUCH HER!” Molly’s level of excitement was so high that I never really believed that she could be trained to be calm and quiet. After having a guest over who didn’t really love dogs, I realized just how awful this behavior was and called Julee the next day.

Right from the start with our initial consultation, it was clear that Julee understood dog behavior and was able to key in Molly’s personality so that she could formulate a plan specifically for us. Over a series of four training sessions, Julee taught our family how to work with Molly. Now, when our doorbell rings, we tell her to go to her spot in the living room to sit on her blanket. I can open the door and talk to the visitor for as long as I like, and Molly doesn’t move from her spot on the blanket. If I invite them in, Molly now goes to her bed in the family room and settles and stays there until I give the okay for her to get up.

Julee was always available to answer a question in between training sessions. A quick phone call or email was answered promptly and helped us fine-tune our training throughout the week. I know I can still call her with any questions I might have. The transformation is truly unbelievable and my friends are all so impressed. I am no longer embarrassed and apologizing for my badly behaved dog! We are so grateful to Julee and recommend her highly.


Hey Julee,

I just wanted to share with you the fact that Ristra and Roswell and I are actually having walks that are downright enjoyable! Thanks to your training, and I did revisit my notes from your visits last week and added some tidbits I’d forgotten, we are actually able to get by other dogs without Roswell having an all out panic attack and causing a big scene. Day by day we make further progress. I want to thank you for your role in that. If I had given up when things were really tough, we would not be where we are today. :-)

Thank You!