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Level 3

“The Ultimate Companion"

Package Details

This remote training package includes everything in Level 1 and Level 2 - foundation work to get you started on training the basics, along with advancing those skills and developing new ones and teaching more complex cues and behaviors for good manners. This also includes all the training topics, behavior topics, puppy topics, and management strategies to support your efforts in teaching your dog or puppy proper behavior and manners. A well-mannered family dog makes good decisions! Certain games have increasing levels of criteria which will be outlined for you in order...

  • Topics: Adolecent Chewing, Exercise Truths, Adolescent Behavior, Emotions and Behavior (Reactivity), Thinking in Arousal, and more!
  • Obedience: (10+) Advanced levels of cues including Walking with Manners (loose leash walking), recalls (Come cues), and impulse control cues including Heel, Wait, Stay, and Premack.
  • Concepts: relationship, focus, calmness, confidence, impulse control, building value in proximity (staying close to you), orientation, disengagement and engagement, flexibility, Thinking in arousal, reliability, and much more!
  • Games (15+): conceptual learning through capturing and play to teach good default behaviors and self-managing decisions. Teaching strategies through games that are fun is a far more powerful method of learning, and teaches concepts that transfer to real life.

You will buildyour dog's repertoire of cues to include complex, higher demanding obedience, super fun tricks, and play games that further your dog's skills with focus and impulse control to achieve better reliability. This is the nitty-gritty stuff in training!! Distractions will be reworked to no longer be distractions, and you will have a dog that will listen to you under a larger variety of circumstances that give you and your dog the freedom to take the fun to new heights.

  • Fun Tricks: Train tricks that are developmentally safe and appropriate for your adolescent, and that won't disrupt or undermine your hard work in the foundation.
  • Distractions: I will address distractions specifically and strategies to teach your dog how to handle them appropriately. You will also learn how to turn distractions into rewards for training purposes to shape how your dog percieves them in order to work through situations better. We work secifically wth Stay, Come, Wait, and Walking with distractions, and go through strategies to work your dog through real-life distractions when out and about.
  • Super Fun Conceptual Games: These games primarily address channeling the energy into structured play so that you continue to build better focus, impulse control, reliability, and relationshipto evolve it into an exceptional team.

You get over 30 videos for training your dog in this level alone! Plus handouts and a wealth of knowledge to provide you with everything you need to train the ultimate companion. This is a lifetime of fun with your dog!

All cues and games are taught with the theory of reward-based training. No leash pops or hard corrections. Your dog will learn both verbal and visual cues as well as behavior both on leash and off leash.

*Proper socialization is crucial for healthy development. Taking group classes is a good additional option to socialize your puppy as well as practice your cues and games in public places with distractions.

This package is amazing! This is way beyond basic obedience classes! You have access to a trainer for personalized help for three months!!

PLUS, you also can become a memebr of my Facebook "Full OnTraining Club" group for lifetime help and support, which also includes bonus videos and material to help you maximize all the strategies you get with this level of training. Service for email and phone consult support for Level 3 is 90 days from start date of contract.

Remote Training Level 3 Package Pricing:

  • Level 3 Training Online only (a la carte/independent study): $179.00. This option gives you access to all the training material, explanations, PDF downloads of instructions, and videos, plus access to the training group on Facebook for additional support.
  • Special Package Deal - Levels 1-3: $399.00. That is over a 25% discount!! This is highly recommended, as each levels builds upon the skills, cues and games from the previous level. Consults can be purchased at $40.00 per consult when included in the package purchase. This option gives you access to all the training material, explanations, PDF downloads of instructions, and videos, plus the email support to ask questions and scheduled phone consultations when purchased together in a package, to talk with me one-on-one to completely customize your training package. All phone consults with me are scheduled by you, you make the call, and they last about an hour. They must be scheduled within the agreed contract start and end date. Services will not begin until the contract is signed and returned.
  • Single consults may be purchased at any time at a rate of $50 per hour. You can contact me at to schedule a single consult. Once a day and time has been set, you will be sent an invoice. Payment must be recieved 24 hours before the scheduled consult time.
  • Access to the training site is two years. After the two years, to maintain access, there is a $50.00 annual fee.

Once an option is purchased and services/digital goods are provided, there are no refunds. There will be a $15.00 set up fee for any add-ons. Make sure to choose the training level and number of consults you want from the beginning and save!

If your are part of the Desert Willow Aussie family, contact me about the discount pricing I offer to all DWA parents! Call me at 925-699-4410 or email me at for details and special discount pricing.

The team! That is what you become when you soar to new heights and train to the ultimate level. And the fun you and your dog will have is unmatched. You have all the time you need to reach the optimum level of training and fun. And where you can go from here will be purely amazing!

Whether you want a wonderful companion, or you are training for canine sports, the Ultimate Companion package takes you and your dog to higher levels. The relationship you build with this degree of training is beyond satisfying and the fun is limitless! This level advances your dog's focus and impulse-control and works through higher levels of distractions. Games emphasize the team mentality and turn the work into play so your dog will want to listen to you because it is fun and leads to other wonderful outcomes. You will have the tools you need to work through real-life challenges and have real positive results.

Level 1 - Building the Relationship and Teaching the Foundation

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You can add-on and upgrade additional training options and packages, but sign up for all you want now and save!!


Level 2 - Training the Family Dog