Working with the Ultimate Companion

The team! That is what you become when you soar to new heights and train to the ultimate level. And the fun you and your dog will have is unmatched. You have all the time you need to reach the optimum level of training and fun. And where you can go from here will be purely amazing!

Level 3

“The Ultimate Companion"

Course Details

Whether you want a wonderful companion, or you are training for canine sports, the Ultimate Companion package takes you and your dog to higher levels. The relationship you build with this degree of training is beyond satisfying and the fun is limitless! This level advances your dog's focus and impulse-control and works through higher levels of distractions. Games emphasize the team mentality and turn the work into play so your dog will want to listen to you because it is fun and leads to other wonderful outcomes. You will have the tools you need to work through real-life challenges and have real positive results.

This course is the sequel to Level 1 and Level 2. The two previous levels build your foundation and set the stage for good focus and manners. From there you will begin working on skills that will set you and your dog up for success with a multitude of goals, whether that be participating in a canine sport, outdoor activities, or other recreational or competative activities.

You will build your dog's repertoire of cues to include complex, higher demanding obedience, super fun tricks, and play games that further your dog's skills with focus, confidence, and impulse control to achieve better reliability. Dealing with distractions and the possible undesired reactivity that can come with them are part of this course. Distractions will be reworked to no longer be distractions, and you will have a dog that will listen to you under a larger variety of circumstances that give you the freedom to take the fun to new heights.

  • Topics: Adolescence and all that goes with it - chewing, energy, wandering, reactivity, and much more!
  • Impulse Control Cues: This includes Stay and all the aspects that go along with this cue for reliability, more with Premack, Heel, and fine tuning Walking with Manners
  • Fun Tricks: Train tricks that are developmentally safe and appropriate for your adolescent, and won't disrupt or undermine your hard work in your foundation training.
  • Distractions: I will address distractions specifically and how to turn distractions into rewards for training and how to help you teach your dog to turn away from distractions and focus on you. We work through Stay, Come, Wait, and Walking with Manners specifically with distractions, and go through strategies to help your dog through real-life situations when out and about.
  • Super Fun Conceptual Games: these games primarily address channeling the energy into structured play so that you continue to build better focus, impulse control, reliability, and your relationship to evolve it into an exceptional team.

You get over 60 lessons for training your dog! Plus handouts and a wealth of knowledge to provide you with everything you need to train the ultimate companion. This is a lifetime of fun with your dog!

All cues and games are taught with the theory of reward-based training. No leash pops or hard corrections. Your dog will learn both verbal and visual cues as well as behavior both on the leash and off-leash.

*Proper Socialization is crucial for healthy development. Taking group classes is a helpful way to socialize your puppy as well as practice your cues and games in public places with distractions.

Make sure you look through and decide which course(s) best suit your needs and goals, as well as the time you can commit to the training.

Service for email and phone/video consult support for Level 3 is 60 days.

When purchased as a Training Bundle with Levels 1 and 2, the training bundle is a 5-month (150 days) package for phone/video consults. That is support until your DWA puppy is 7-months old!


Level 3 Course Options

Level 3 Training Course (A la carte Price $149): This is the independent price for Level 3. When purchased as a bundle with other levels, you accumulate significant discounts!

Consults (Regular Price $50, $45 when purchased with a course): When purchased with a training course, consults allow you to personalize your training and get one-on-one time with our professional trainers. Julee and Margie have years of experience training dogs and working with all breeds. This is the best way to get real-time tips and troubleshooting strategies for optimum results. You can choose the number of consults you want - monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, etc. All phone/video consults with your trainer are scheduled by you. You make the call, and they last about an hour. They must be scheduled within the agreed contract start and end date. Level 3 is a 60-day support course. Consult services will not begin until the contract is signed and returned.

Once an option is purchased and services/digital goods are provided, there are no refunds. Make sure to choose the number of consults you want from the beginning and save! You can contact me at to schedule a single consult. Consults purchased outside of a package purchase are $50.00 per hour. Payment must be recieved 24 hours before the scheduled consult time.

If you are the owner or future owner of a Desert Willow Aussie puppy or dog, please contact me and ask me about the DWA family discount pricing! Email or call 925-699-4410.


The ultimate course in foundational dog training that will prepare you and your dog for anything your want to achieve in the future. Begin with levels 1 and 2, and then build advanced skills in this course with new cues and games on focus and impulse control, plus how to work through distraction. This training works through challenges on critical concepts that will last a lifetime and take your relationship and training to a whole new level!


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Get everything you need to train your puppy through to adulthood and raise a great family dog. Learn the foundations and then build upon them with more advanced cues and games that are fun and rewarding. It’s just what you need for your life's journey with your amazing family dog.

Bundle - 20% off individual course purchases

126 Lessons

starting at $250.00

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In this bundle you get it all! You begin with a strong foundation, build upon that for a great adult dog, and then take it even further and train everything you need for what life will throw at you. The adventures await and you and your dog wil be ready for anything. This is the ultimate bundle in dog training for the ultimate companion!

Bundle - 40% off!

186 Lessons!

starting at $370.00

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Level 1 - Building the Relationship and Teaching the Foundation

For other remote training packages, check out Level 1 and Level 2, for different training packages to suit your needs and your training goals!

You can add-on and upgrade additional training options and packages, but sign up for all you want now and save!!


Level 2 - Training the Family Dog