Walking With Manners (WWM)

A Complete Course for Walking Nicely on Leash

Walking With Manners (WWM)

This online course includes foundation work to get you starated on teaching your dog the critical skills of walking nicely on leash.

What is Included:

  • Knowledge Is Power - all sorts of training tips and knowledge so you better understand how your dog learns and how to help you dog handle the environment and all the predictable a=or new distraction that can be encountered on a walk. Understand why your dog reacts and what to do about it..
  • A Solid Foundation - training videos that teach a solid foundation on which you will build skills. Lesson include practive on leash and off leash. All the lessons are sequenced to build the individual behaviors required for walking nicely on leash and building good habits for off-leash hikes. Yes, you dog has to build nuerous skills to be able to handle walks well. These lessons work for dogs of any breed and any age.
  • Taking It Outside- training videos that take your solid foundation outside and create great habits right from the start. Through the calculated sequencing of lessons, prevention, and safeguards, your dog learns that you are a team when walking and everything else is none of your dog’s business unless you say it is. This mentallity allows you and your dog to enjoy a walk and pass by various distractions easily.
  • Games for Proofing - numerous conceptual training games that all reinforce walking with manners. Build the fun and value in focusing on your, staying near your, checking in with you, and keeping the leash loose all while still being able to have fun while out and about. These relationship building and skill perfecting training games will be a part of your daily fun an play with your dog to reinforce good habits and make your walks fun and enjoyable.
  • Dealing With Distractions - the toughest part about walks is teaching your dog to turn away from distractions and choose you. Learn various ways to teach your dog how to make the right choice - choosing you over other things in the environment. Instead of going to see that person over there, reacting to that dog, chasing the bunny or deer, stick with me. These lessons help dogs learn how to disengage from a distraction and make the better choice - you!
  • Bonus Material - a page full of added material that helps you make the most out of your walks. It’s about quality time. Learn ways to challenge your dog mentally to maximize burning energy without building and endurance distance runner. Videos will be added as new games are developed. The videos are created to answer popular questions and struggles that every dog owner faces in the life of raising a dog.